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The Perfect Mate

How many great relationships have to crash and burn before people realize that the purpose of a life-long partner is not to stay in warm and fuzzy mode all the time?

The purpose of Life is to teach us. That being the case wouldn’t it make sense that the way the Universe would show us […]

True Intelligence

The mind is valued as the highest form of awareness to some. But there is confusion about what intelligence is. Some people are able to remember many intricate thoughts and apply them in the correct social setting. This is really only a sophisticated form of mimicry.

Our minds are bombarded by thoughts all the time. […]

Dealing with These “Trying Times”

There has never been a time in history when it was not a trying time. It is an aspect of life. The struggle for balance demands that we are always met with adversity. It is what hones us as Spiritual Beings.

If someone were to be in space and live without gravity, their muscles would […]

Soul’s Perspective

I heard a teenager talking to his mother and asking her why it seemed sometimes he was looking down on people’s heads as if he was above them. It made me remember when I started to recognize that perspective in myself. I wanted to address that question for any who may have experienced a similar […]