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The Importance of The American Flag

Everything exists because of its energy. It is the lifeblood of any organism. When the energy of the body is used up and it is not able to keep up its regular functions, it dies. The same concept applies to the life of groups and establishments. If there is not enough energy to run a group, it will dismantle. The forefathers understood this concept. They understood the need to perpetuate and maintain the establishment of the United States of America as a living organism. They did this by infusing it with so much energy in the form of passion, pride, sacrifice, and integrity. And just like banks store money, a strong symbol is the storage tank for all the energy that a group needs. The forefathers understood this. That’s why they painstakingly created a flag that was worthy to represent all we stand for as a nation. It is the same flag that generation after generation of Americans have lived and died under. The flag is the holding tank for all energetic residual of our collective struggles and victories. It holds the conviction of every American soldier in battle fighting through each onslaught. Every soldier’s sacred moments of triumph, and […]

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The Proper Use of Fear

Fear is an important tool when used correctly. It is a primal signal to the brain to prevent harm to the body. The fear of fire is an instilled response that can be programmed one of two ways. Either someone has experienced being burned or someone they trust transfers their experience with fire onto them. The process of reacting to fear is the brain acknowledging something that has previously harmed it. In a split moment the brain scans all past memory banks to recognize an incoming experience as dangerous. The sole purpose of fear is to prevent harm. It’s a great tool. Fear is beneficial when dealing with the unknown. There’s danger in dealing with issues that there’s no outer experience with. The subtle perceptions of the self detect seemingly intangible warning signs for you to beware. People should not delve into alternative practices without learning what is involved. They should learn all they can from an expert before moving forward. One should learn how not to “get burned” before proceeding. If something is intriguing, most likely, there is some kind of past experience with it in your memory banks. You may have mastered it in a past life. But […]

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Perpetuating Positivity

On the surface consistently positive people seem weak. But it’s much more difficult to be positive than negative. It takes much more discipline, authenticity and effort than following the flow of gossip and back biting. Practicing the art of perpetuating positivity is a great way to live with purpose and integrity. When talking to others, it’s easier to feel a sense of belonging by trashing everyone and everything. This negativity seems to take on a life of its own. One simple unflattering statement about another person or situation seems to be the hole in the damn that gushes forth a stream of negativity. How easy it is to start complaining about current events as a common ground. But as difficult as it is to abstain from negative comments, it’s easier than trying to stop yourself once you start. To hone your character try lovingly countering a negative subject matter with a positive point about the same subject. See how it feels to inject positivity rather than negativity. It may surprise you how exhilarating it feels to break free from the negative stream with a simple positive or neutral statement. If you don’t want to participate in gossip without being confrontational, […]

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