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The Importance of The American Flag


Everything exists because of its energy. It is the lifeblood of any organism. When the energy of the body is used up and it is not able to keep up its regular functions, it dies. The same concept applies to the life of groups and establishments. If there is not enough energy to […]

The Proper Use of Fear

Fear is an important tool when used correctly. It is a primal signal to the brain to prevent harm to the body. The fear of fire is an instilled response that can be programmed one of two ways. Either someone has experienced being burned or someone they trust transfers their experience with fire onto them.


Perpetuating Positivity

On the surface consistently positive people seem weak. But it’s much more difficult to be positive than negative. It takes much more discipline, authenticity and effort than following the flow of gossip and back biting. Practicing the art of perpetuating positivity is a great way to live with purpose and integrity.

When talking to others, […]