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Ways to Heal Your Pet’s Stress

Animals are so devoted to us that they absorb a lot of our stress. They try so hard to help us feel better. Sometimes they try so hard that they develop behavioral problems. They may become needy, want to go out all the time, or overeat. Many times they’re trying to distract their owner out […]

Balancing Your Life by Remembering Past Life Lessons

Our belief systems are formed by our experiences in past lives. A few years back I was very hard on myself because I was overly affectionate. I had this need to tell everyone that I loved them. One night I was shown a previous deathbed experience of mine that contributed greatly to this behavior.

I […]

Energy Vampires

Who are the Energy Vampires in your life? They are the people that make you feel diminished just by being around them.

We exchange energy constantly with others. Did you ever encounter someone in public and with just a slight smile or small greeting; they seem to get louder and more obnoxious? They are reacting […]

Technique to Unclutter your Life

Dreams are a reflection of an individual’s state of Consciousness. Some dream symbols are the subconscious’ attempt to give answers to how to fix the physical life. It is a shame that more people don’t use their dreams to help understand themselves.

Sometimes people have recurring dreams of a house or building. Maybe the house […]