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Ways to Heal Your Pet’s Stress

Animals are so devoted to us that they absorb a lot of our stress. They try so hard to help us feel better. Sometimes they try so hard that they develop behavioral problems. They may become needy, want to go out all the time, or overeat. Many times they’re trying to distract their owner out of their own stress. Emotional stress is held in the body of pets just as it is in their human counterparts. The diaphragm of the body is a holding tank for stress until it can be alleviated. If it isn’t addressed, it floods the body’s systems and joints. Eventually it manifests as dis-ease. When assisting a pet with physical pain or behavioral issues, it’s ideal for me to do a diaphragm release on both the pet and its owner. Releasing a pet’s emotional stress and that of its owner seems to bring immediate relief to the pet. When the emotional stress has been removed the pet may suddenly become visibly euphoric. I get many doggy kisses during and after a session. A lot of times the pet has misunderstandings of what is expected of them. For example: a little dog that is in the care […]

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Balancing Your Life by Remembering Past Life Lessons

Our belief systems are formed by our experiences in past lives. A few years back I was very hard on myself because I was overly affectionate. I had this need to tell everyone that I loved them. One night I was shown a previous deathbed experience of mine that contributed greatly to this behavior. I was a ten year old boy with doting parents. We were of a culture that wasn’t able to express feelings. It was very uncomfortable to do so. But the craving to express love was there. I was dying of some kind of influenza. I was in a cot in the kitchen of this little cabin. It was very difficult to not just pass away. I wanted to slip into the peace that I was feeling from the other side. But every time I came close, I felt the Love of my parents pulling me back into the body. It was very difficult to stay in that sick body. It felt similar to holding onto a rope for dear life. I worshiped my father. He was everything to me. As I lay close to death, he came and sat by my bed. He was very uncomfortable as he folded his hat […]

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Energy Vampires

Who are the Energy Vampires in your life? They are the people that make you feel diminished just by being around them. We exchange energy constantly with others. Did you ever encounter someone in public and with just a slight smile or small greeting; they seem to get louder and more obnoxious? They are reacting to your attention. It is like they have ingested intoxicating ambrosia that they can’t tolerate. They have. It was you giving them your energy in the form of attention. If you are aware enough to recognize this kind of reaction in others, then you will be able to realize that you have some control over it. Visualize your energy field as a pristine globe of Light. Visualize an outer casing of your energy field as an unbreakable glass. It is clear enough to look through but impenetrable. Visualize this protective shell when you are out in public. Energy Vampires are the relationships in your life that are draining. It is people who keep you on the phone for hours, demand that you listen to their gossip, or take credit for your ideas. They may flatter you to keep you engaged or criticize you if you try […]

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Technique to Unclutter your Life

Dreams are a reflection of an individual’s state of Consciousness. Some dream symbols are the subconscious’ attempt to give answers to how to fix the physical life.  It is a shame that more people don’t use their dreams to help understand themselves. Sometimes people have recurring dreams of a house or building. Maybe the house is pristine but more likely than not, the house is stuffed with clutter, dark and dusty. This may be a dream showing the state of the individual’s consciousness. Some dreams may take place in the attic, basement or main floor. The main floor may be what is happening in the daily life. Being in your childhood house is trying to decipher issues that are remaining from childhood. Dreams of being in the attic may be working on aspects of your higher self.  The basement may represent issues that you have stored away. If you are ready to work on some past issues, maybe you will find yourself in the basement. Each individual is the expert of their own dreams.  Whatever the dreamer’s sense is about the dream is the most accurate gauge of what it means.  It is a mistake to go by someone else’s […]

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