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The Spiritual Aspect of Football

On the surface the game of football may seem silly to a lot of people. Watching grown men get so involved in a mere sport that consumes them seems like a waste of energy. But the game and the subculture that it creates serves a very necessary purpose in society. People have been at war with their neighbors all through history. The conquering of cities and the resolve to fight to the death are all aspects of a primal experience. It is so ingrained that it is written in the DNA of many. The battles that were fought, won and lost in past lives play out many times in our Akashic records. It’s no great surprise that a lot of old souls have tired of the interplay of war and wish nothing to do with it. These same souls may find football silly. But what about the millions that aren’t saturated with past memories of war battles? What happens to all those souls who died in battle yet want to live another day to fight another fight. How do they satiate in peace time their primal urge to conquer? How do they resolve this unsatiated cycle? They do it in […]

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The Importance of an Energy Release

Western Medicine recognizes eleven different systems within the body. Some of them are as follows: the nervous system, digestive, reproductive, vascular…etc.  They are all interdependent.  But the Western Medicine has neglected to incorporate the twelfth system of the body. It is the energy system. If it’s recognized that all of nature is based on geometry and sacred numbers, it’s easy to make the jump that the components of the human body must be ordered by the same geometry. Therefore it’s obvious that instead of eleven pathways of the body there are twelve.  The twelfth is the Energy system. All the other systems are interdependent on it. I am a facilitator and supporter of the energy system. I help my clients incorporate their own energy into a functioning, whole organism.  Usually with one remote session the client can feel the energy in their own being reignite. The client may feel energy as warmth or chills or they may register it as a feeling of relaxation or expansiveness.  Hopefully with one session a client gets a better sense of how to experience themselves as an energetic being. Emotional issues are blockages in the body that prevent its energy from flowing.  The human body is able […]

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The Law of Silence

There is a principle that creative people adhere to that helps in the manifestation of their dreams.  It would help others in all aspects of their life if they applied it. It’s the Law of Silence. The law of Silence simply is a way to live where one doesn’t share personal experiences with others. Over-talking is a way to dissipate energy that would be better spent on building one’s experiences. It is also a means to give people access to your life who can then give opinions and criticism.  It’s like opening a door. If someone shared the details of a book they were writing it may make it more difficult to complete. They may be all excited by the process but share details with the wrong person. The person may not be encouraging or even worse, give advice to veer the writer from his original outline.  It creates doubt and insecurities in the original project that may prevent it from ever being created. Sharing information sabotages many expectant couples.  They have a perfectly good name picked out for their baby but when they share it everyone seems to have an opinion. Everyone tells them why the name is a […]

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Changing Perspectives

Blessings come in all forms.  There is a misapprehension that things have to feel good to be good.   Think about it: eating ice cream, watching TV and lying in bed feel good but they aren’t the things that make an extraordinary life.  Life is for stretching one’s self beyond previous capabilities.  Life is a wondrous adventure. I learned this lesson the hard way.  But I embrace every aspect of the lesson. I was able to expand myself by enduring a one person work camp.  It was the most isolating experience that one could imagine.  But at the same time it was a drastic way to change perspective.  I was made to work from before sunrise until after sunset, while only allowed a bowl of rice a day.  I thought of prisoners of concentration camps and I actually envied them for not being alone in their plight. My only possessions were an empty water bottle and two pillow cases that were used for different purposes.  One Pillow case was used to carry all my tools into the woods each day.  The other pillow case was rolled up into the shape of a pet dog.  I needed to have something to love, […]

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