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The Spiritual Aspect of Football

On the surface the game of football may seem silly to a lot of people. Watching grown men get so involved in a mere sport that consumes them seems like a waste of energy. But the game and the subculture that it creates serves a very necessary purpose in society.

People have been at war […]

The Importance of an Energy Release

Western Medicine recognizes eleven different systems within the body. Some of them are as follows: the nervous system, digestive, reproductive, vascular…etc. They are all interdependent. But the Western Medicine has neglected to incorporate the twelfth system of the body. It is the energy system.

If it’s recognized that all of nature is based on geometry […]

The Law of Silence

There is a principle that creative people adhere to that helps in the manifestation of their dreams. It would help others in all aspects of their life if they applied it. It’s the Law of Silence.

The law of Silence simply is a way to live where one doesn’t share personal experiences with others. Over-talking […]

Changing Perspectives

Blessings come in all forms. There is a misapprehension that things have to feel good to be good. Think about it: eating ice cream, watching TV and lying in bed feel good but they aren’t the things that make an extraordinary life. Life is for stretching one’s self beyond previous capabilities. Life is a wondrous […]