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Understanding Dreams

There are many different types of Dreams. One of the main purposes of dreams is to bring the individual to a better understanding of who they really are. Some experiences seem like garbled confusion while others feel like fantastic adventures. All are important aspects of self discovery. The reason that dreams are so garbled is that sometimes they are adventures or memories beyond the experiences that the conscious mind has acquired. When the adventures are filtered through the limited experiences of the mind, the mind fills in the details to the best of its ability. It would be similar to a child viewing an adult experience and retelling it from his vantage point. There is also an aspect of the self that wants to protect the individual from the stark truth. It intentionally garbles information received during sleep. The way to get past this mechanism is to write the dreams down. By doing so, you can go back and look at recurring themes. It is also important to pay attention to the feeling that they illicit. Create your own meanings for symbols in your dream. They will become your own dictionary to be used to decipher what your dreams are […]

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Attaining More Love

Love is the energetic force of the Universe.  The same attraction that romance writers and poets write about is the same force that Einstein writes about in his theory of relativity. Love literally makes the world go round. The same force that drives our desires is the same force that holds each molecule together. The attraction that we feel for our mates is the same attraction that holds each atom of matter together. The quest for love is the glue that holds us together. I was taught as a child that God is Love. I was also taught that God is everything.  With all my experience, these two beliefs have never been contested. But all my life experiences prove to me that everything is energy. Now I realize that everything IS Energy. It then so equates, to me, that if God is Love and God is everything; then God is Energy. The same force that we all desire from our morning cup of coffee, The same force that we all go to the gym to enhance, the same force that we breathe into all of our chakras, the same force that we equate with loving another person, is one and the same. […]

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Tecnique for Changing Your DNA

Everything we are is made up of our genetic code. Until recently, it was believed that DNA was unchangeable.  But it has been proven that DNA can be changed.  Taking that awareness to empowerment stage means there is an ability to eliminate a disease in your family tree. I totally believe that changing your own DNA is a powerful tool for self healing and empowerment. How did genetic diseases begin in the make up of our ancestry? Each disease started as an emotional issue that was so ingrained that it got passed down as a genetic component.  Our ancestors started out as genetic clean slates but through fear and conditioning we altered our human make up. Here is a technique to change your genetic code.  Think of yourself as a tube of energy with a lot of little squares in a unique pattern all over it. They are like tiny windows. Imagine your parents and grand parents as similar tubes of energy with different pattern squares on them. Choose the parent that you feel has the most qualities that you like. Think about each quality that they have. Visualize the tube of energy that they are, being superimposed into the tube of […]

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Raising Your Vibratory Rate

The Spiritual Law of Vibrations states that everything is in constant flux. All matter is either growing or degenerating. Nothing exists in a static state. The only constant is change. Matter is like a pile of clay on the potter’s wheel.  It gets built to great heights only to be broken down again to the base.  The process continually repeats itself.  Creation is brought to the pinnacle of exhilaration, only to return to a humble beginning again and again. Yet the clay is not the same, it is more pliable. It is experienced. Human Beings are living, vibrant energy systems.  There is nothing within us that isn’t fluid.  Even our bones, that seem so hard, still grow and bend. The Law of the Universe is that everything is striving to achieve a better level of excellence. The Human energy system is no different. So why do we fatigue so easily? We wear our energy systems out way too early by adhering to practices that don’t benefit it. We create dis-ease in our bodies by treating it like a dead machine instead of a living organism. We have denied it every natural form of energizing itself. It needs real food, fresh […]

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The Spiritual Law of Non Interference

When people pray, they are mixing a personal intention with Universal Energies. It is important to discriminate what is right prayer? If it is to influence another’s God given free will, then it violates the Spiritual Law of Noninterference.  All prayer should only be done to uplift the individual and not as a subtle form of control. Even though done as a gesture of Love, it’s not okay to interfere with someone’s personal relationship with God. I experienced this in a past life when I was a boy dying of influenza.  It was my time to go; I knew it in my heart.  I was ready for my journey.  My parents in their love for me and devotion, prayed for me to live.  I suffered a long time before I was able to win my battle to cross over.  The pain of that was so ingrained that it showed up as a conscious memory in this life. When we pray, sometimes we put the power outside of ourselves, when it is always within us. It is a way of influencing others without taking responsibility. This is a dichotomy. It’s not a challenge to anyone’s belief system. God does answer prayers. But […]

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