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Understanding Dreams

There are many different types of Dreams. One of the main purposes of dreams is to bring the individual to a better understanding of who they really are. Some experiences seem like garbled confusion while others feel like fantastic adventures. All are important aspects of self discovery.

The reason that dreams are so garbled is […]

Attaining More Love

Love is the energetic force of the Universe. The same attraction that romance writers and poets write about is the same force that Einstein writes about in his theory of relativity. Love literally makes the world go round.

The same force that drives our desires is the same force that holds each molecule together. The […]

Tecnique for Changing Your DNA

Everything we are is made up of our genetic code. Until recently, it was believed that DNA was unchangeable. But it has been proven that DNA can be changed. Taking that awareness to empowerment stage means there is an ability to eliminate a disease in your family tree. I totally believe that changing your own […]

Raising Your Vibratory Rate

The Spiritual Law of Vibrations states that everything is in constant flux. All matter is either growing or degenerating. Nothing exists in a static state. The only constant is change.

Matter is like a pile of clay on the potter’s wheel. It gets built to great heights only to be broken down again to the […]

The Spiritual Law of Non Interference

When people pray, they are mixing a personal intention with Universal Energies. It is important to discriminate what is right prayer? If it is to influence another’s God given free will, then it violates the Spiritual Law of Noninterference. All prayer should only be done to uplift the individual and not as a subtle form […]