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Why the Law of Attraction May Not Be Working for You

The Law of Attraction is popular now.  Many people recognize it and work with it effectively. The Law attraction states that you attract everything to your Universe by your thoughts. The book, The Secret was a very effective instruction in how to work with the Law of Attraction.  But those who try it and don’t have results believe it is because of a flaw in the Law itself. There are many Spiritual Laws that are exacting as gravity.  If one is not working when you apply it, it’s because you are inadvertently applying another Law as well. Saying the Law of attraction doesn’t work for you is like believing that gravity only works sometimes.  The Laws that run the Universe are Exacting. If the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you, maybe it is because you are trying to use it in a vacuum. For example, if you are trying to attract more Love in your life but have negative feelings in some areas, maybe you are inadvertently applying the Law of Vibrations. The Law of Vibrations says that everything resonates.  What you think say or do and how you live determines the rate of vibration.  Negative thoughts are more dense […]

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Integrity is an energetic form of currency that individuals save up, disperse or are deficient in. All forms of currency operate under the same Spiritual Laws of Abundance, Integrity is no different. Energy, like abundance, is our innate state unless we remove ourselves from the flow of it. Maybe if individuals realized how to work with Energetic currencies, they would be less apt to feel victimized and recognize the cause and affects of their actions. One of the biggest ways to create a deficiency in Energy and integrity is by not following through with what you agree to do. In your heart of hearts you can have all the good intentions in the world, but if your actions don’t carry out your intent, it leaves you weak. It is like your mental energy is walking in one direction, your physical energy is doing something totally different and your emotional energy is torn deciding which path to follow. When you make promises you don’t keep, those around you quickly learn that you are not reliable. You have weakened yourself. You are like a lender that a bank won’t loan money to. Why should your friends extend themselves to you when you […]

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John Mayer’s Internal Conflict

The first time I saw John Mayer perform was on a PBS special about Blues singers. It was really impressive.  He was on the stage with some of the most seasoned blues artists. Their music was gritty and sultry and played from the heart and depth of their experiences. It was fascinating to toggle between watching the show from two vantage points.  One was that of a dorky white kid with such a gifted talent that everything else melted away. He was able to fit in with the gritty musicians in spite of outer cultural differences.  There was this incredible bond formed through the Love of the craft. But I saw John Mayer, not as a white boy but as a seasoned Black Soul Artist who knew the old men when they were starting out in their own careers.  He was their mentors from a recent past life. He had reunited with them in a precarious way. The old persona was so strong that I imagined the only way he could deal with being a dorky white guy was to bring back his musical talent so strongly that it made the Blues lifetime more prevalent than the current one. Even the […]

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Embracing Female Energy

Long ago, and documented now only in the Akashic Records, Female Energy was respected as much as male energy. Women had a specific role as defined as the modern businessman. Their job was to use their Mastery of Intuitive and Healing skills and Insights to counsel man in all his dealings. Their role was respected and revered. Their contribution and ethics were beyond reproach. Women were trained in special temples that honed their intuitive skills. The brightest and most accomplished were prepared to be counsels of the kings. Their lineage was manipulated similarly to kings, and they were groomed from birth for their important role. They naturally knew how to augment a ruler’s humanity. The Priestess influenced the king to wield his position of power with compassion, respect and reverence. As with all things of value, the attributes of the Female Energy were envied. Barbarians realized a means to cripple a king was to destroy his female counterparts. Temples were raided. The Goddesses were literally and figuratively raped. Without the Female’s advisement, men ruled more and more by brute force. The bastardization of civilization began. Goddess Energy never quite recovered. The degradation of woman is still a huge scorch on the causal records […]

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Stripping Down the Layers

My dog Simha has funny quirks that I just recently realized their origin. When ever we’re in bed, she has to lay adjacent to me, she buries her nose under the covers, and when she wants Love, she stretches out on her back in dutiful submission. I realized all three of these habits are loving memories of puppyhood. She lays adjacent because that’s how puppies line up to nurse and she buries her head to remind her of the pleasant experience of nuzzling mom. The position of being stretched out on her back is how she laid for mama to receive her bath. She also has habits that aren’t based on loving memories. She’ll give a nasty look if someone stares in her eyes, she’ll flinch if someone holds something near her head. And she refuses go outside if it’s raining. These habits trace memories and experiences that are painful. They also are very ingrained. In a similar manner, every single aspect of every single person is a compilation of everything they have ever experienced. We all started out at the beginning of existence as pristine atoms of perfection. As soon as we took form, we started to accumulate habits. […]

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