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Why the Law of Attraction May Not Be Working for You

The Law of Attraction is popular now. Many people recognize it and work with it effectively. The Law attraction states that you attract everything to your Universe by your thoughts. The book, The Secret was a very effective instruction in how to work with the Law of Attraction. But those who try it and don’t […]


Integrity is an energetic form of currency that individuals save up, disperse or are deficient in. All forms of currency operate under the same Spiritual Laws of Abundance, Integrity is no different. Energy, like abundance, is our innate state unless we remove ourselves from the flow of it. Maybe if individuals realized how to work […]

John Mayer’s Internal Conflict

The first time I saw John Mayer perform was on a PBS special about Blues singers. It was really impressive. He was on the stage with some of the most seasoned blues artists. Their music was gritty and sultry and played from the heart and depth of their experiences.

It was fascinating to toggle between […]

Embracing Female Energy

Long ago, and documented now only in the Akashic Records, Female Energy was respected as much as male energy.

Women had a specific role as defined as the modern businessman. Their job was to use their Mastery of Intuitive and Healing skills and Insights to counsel man in all his dealings. Their role was […]

Stripping Down the Layers

My dog Simha has funny quirks that I just recently realized their origin. When ever we’re in bed, she has to lay adjacent to me, she buries her nose under the covers, and when she wants Love, she stretches out on her back in dutiful submission. I realized all three of these habits are loving […]