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Being Fat

When people declare themselves fat, they don’t realize what they’re doing to themselves. They don’t realize that their brain is perched at attention eager to manifest every instruction that it’s given. There is such a disconnect from the mind’s innate abilities that they believe that the power of manifestation works only for a lucky few. […]

Better Boundaries

When some people have problems, they try to unburden themselves by bringing others into their experience. These are the people who frequently talk about their issues. This is a very specific demographic. They have become experts in dumping their problems on others. These people don’t feel good to be around.

One means in which they […]

Mariel’s Kitchen

Through the years I have always researched the best nutrition for optimal health. Being a product of high fructose corn syrup, it took years of sorting through exotic ingredients and austere practices to understand the simple truth of healthy ingredients. My motto has become, the simpler the better.

So when Mariel gave me a copy […]

Inner Beauty as a Reality

I remember the day I realized that inner beauty was a tangible thing. I was at a restaurant in the days of salad bars. My attention was riveted on a teen age girl collecting a salad for herself. Her beauty was mesmerizing. I couldn’t turn away. But then on closer scrutiny, I saw that she […]

Beyond Reiki

Reiki energy is a wonderful Universal tool. It is the life force collected and channeled by a facilitator to focus and channel energy. I use the analogy of a magnifying glass collecting sunlight to heat an object. That’s my simplistic way to explain Reiki. The facilitator is acting as the magnifying glass to direct Universal […]