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Being Fat

When people declare themselves fat, they don’t realize what they’re doing to themselves.  They don’t realize that their brain is perched at attention eager to manifest every instruction that it’s given.  There is such a disconnect from the mind’s innate abilities that they believe that the power of manifestation works only for a lucky few. That is of course not true.  What one body can do, another body can do. How about meeting yourself half way?  Instead of trying to manifest all your dreams with your thoughts, how about just trying to stop beating yourself up with them. There is a reason why thinking positive doesn’t work for some.  It’s because the negative self talk is so ingrained. Every  positive statement is barraged with negative beliefs. So when first starting a positive self regime, the initial reaction of our mind is to reinforce the negative behavior. It needs to be trained. That is why long term dieting works best. It’s because it gives the mind a better chance to reprogram old mindsets. I remember when I was a child. I read in a magazine that the clothes of the future would be made of carbon.  The reasoning being, is that […]

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Better Boundaries

When some people have problems, they try to unburden themselves by bringing others into their experience. These are the people who frequently talk about their issues. This is  a very specific demographic. They have  become  experts in dumping their problems on others. These people don’t  feel good to be around. One means in which they try to emotionally pull you in, is by trying to get you to see their problem as if it was happening to you. It’s very subtle but the questions they ask start with, “How would you like it if…?” or “Can you imagine if it was your….?” The more interest you show, the easier it is to entrench you with their concerns. Most of it is unconscious but that’s no reason for kind people to lay down their defenses and accept it. These people are master manipulators.   They feed on drama and create their own conflicts.  They are the ones that strategically stroke our ego. When we succumb to their flattery, we are literally opening up our energy field to them.  Energetically, we look similar to a multi-petaled flower unfolding some of it’s many layers of petals. This is the same as spiritually exposing our underbelly.  When this happens, they are able to instinctively sense where our vulnerabilities are and use […]

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Mariel’s Kitchen

Through the years I have always researched the best nutrition for optimal health. Being a product of high fructose corn syrup, it took years of sorting through exotic ingredients and austere practices to understand the simple truth of healthy ingredients. My motto has become, the simpler the better. So when Mariel gave me a copy of her new cookbook, I was afraid to read it.  I wanted to give her honest feedback but I’ve always detested cook books. They seem to trigger food issues in me with their use of complicated instructions and obscure ingredients. Instead of being empowered, I am usually left feeling inadequate. I cautiously opened the aesthetically pleasing front cover of Mariel’s Kitchen.  I was drawn in by the beautiful photographs. They seemed to soothe my concerns.  I thumbed through the pages looking for my own personal red flags.  There were none. The book opened to pantry essentials.  This would be where all the hard to find items would be listed.  There were none. Everything that was listed was something that I was aware of and liked to use. I started to get excited. Was this book possibly functional; even for me?  I opened up to a […]

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Inner Beauty as a Reality

I remember the day I realized that inner beauty was a tangible thing.  I was at a restaurant in the days of salad bars. My attention was riveted on a teen age girl collecting a salad for herself.  Her beauty was mesmerizing. I couldn’t turn away.  But then on closer scrutiny, I saw that she had a crooked mouth, a nose that was a funny shape and clumsy limbs.  She was still incredibly beautiful.  But why?  She looked like an angel to me and it was a bit confusing. That’s when I realized that the term inner beauty wasn’t just an expression. As a result, I did years of field study on the subject. I came up with an understanding for myself that may be helpful to others. Apparently all babies have an innate inner glow. But as they mature, some had it in lesser degrees. I attributed it to their crown chakra (soft spot) on the top of their head fusing closed. Again at the age of puberty and beyond, many children lost their glow. It seemed like there was a correlation between teens with diverse interests and the energy force. These teens seemed to have the “IT” factor. […]

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Beyond Reiki

Reiki energy is a wonderful Universal tool.  It is the life force collected and channeled by a facilitator to focus and channel energy.   I use the analogy of a magnifying glass collecting sunlight to heat an object. That’s my simplistic way to explain Reiki.  The facilitator is acting as the magnifying glass to direct Universal Energy. I have met people who said that they have tried to receive Reiki and it made them too agitated.  I have my own understanding of why this happens.  The people who can’t tolerate Reiki, I believe, have too much pent up energy. They can’t handle any more. They may need stagnant energy, which is caused by old emotional issues, released from their energy field.  This is what I do for a client.  I help their body release energy blockages so that their body can receive the healing benefits of Reiki. This is easy enough to do.  The facilitator holds their hands over the clients diaphragm and instead of channeling energy in, they draw old energy out.  I would recommend that the facilitator send the stagnant energy, through their hands, away from themselves, and into a river of light.  This is done with a visualization […]

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