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Real Life Stories

Testimonials for The Do What You Love Diet

“It seems like my entire life has been lived on a diet. Now, in little over a year, I have lost sixty-four pounds to date and am keeping the weight off…Thank you Jen. I couldn’t have done it without you.” – M. M., New York

“After reading Jen’s insights and doing the taps and techniques for a year, I am not only my Marine Corps weight but also back in shape. It wasn’t that hard either. Thank you Jen.” – M.K., Florida

“I had wanted to lose weight for a while but I didn’t consciously set out to do it at this time. But then I met Jen and simply by being connected with the same energy and joining in on the group calls resulted in miraculous changes happening. Changing my eating habits was effortless. I lost 25 pounds in 2 months and it has been easy to keep it off.” – S.T. Ontario, Canada

“I had the belief that nobody my age who had carried this extra weight for so long needed to or even could lose it. After a year or so of doing the taps, I lost the extra 10 pounds that I’d had since college…Now I feel like I am not afraid with food. Do these taps. Even the ones you think you don’t need. They could be the keys to unlock the weight issue.” – T. A. K. Florida

Raising Awareness

How to Dry Up Hell

Last night I was shown the true nature of Hell. It is not really a place as a stagnation of consciousness. Sure those with a similar state of consciousness may gather together. This is the nature of the Spiritual Law of Vibrations. It means that things that resonate at a similar sound frequency, gravitate to others of a same frequency.

That means that when your family is nasty to you and you can’t understand why it is simply the spiritual law of vibrations coming into play. It doesn’t mean that you are not worthy of kindness. Perhaps they are not capable of registering your kindness. Perhaps your kindness is like a high-pitched sound to them that only dogs can hear.

The Spiritual Laws are as exacting as the law of gravity. So they really aren’t anything to take personally. In the other realms last night my sister and I were driving to look at this property that they were giving away to anyone who could settle it. It was difficult to locate and that was part of why it was hard to find.

The land itself was next to this expansive ocean; which is symbolic for the God State that everyone wishes to attain. That is how beautiful and pristine this property was. But as you got off the parkway to ride along the ocean front, there was a long strip of land where the energies in it were beckoning the drivers to join them.

The energies were vile and performing acts of debauchery. They were dark and hideous exploiting all aspects of themselves to get passersby to join it. Yes some would be terrified of it but we are savvy travelers and knew enough to just keep driving. But yes, others would get snared here.

But what was unusual about the area is that it was dwindling in area. In fact, the reason that the prime real estate was being doled out was to dry up this area of the beach. It was a huge area and it was an eye-sore and a problem. Those who have a very different vibratory rate than the ones in the debauchery zones were being given homes nearby to change the vibration of the hell zone.

People think hell is a fixed place. It is a vibration. A state of consciousness. At one point we drove past the entrance of the park-like setting we were looking for and had to drive by the hell zone again. The first time it was very intimidating. But the second time, I noticed one or two of the images had the same exact movement. They were not as real as I thought they were. They were similar to film screen images. They were similar to habitual behavior. Isn’t that all habitual behavior is? There is no consciousness in it.

When I awoke, I realized that the new homes were being offered to anyone who transcended. They are taking up residency right near the boundaries of pure heaven. From there they are able to travel all the worlds and have a ship upon the seas of God as well. Their function will be to dry up those places of lower vibration; simply by existing as they do and maintaining their own integrity. Isn’t that what we all do here?
I realized the one core issue of all those who were in hell. It was not an issue of worthiness. No one is worthy of hell. Or, more accurately, no one is unworthy of heaven. We are all offshoots of love individualizing the experience of love and reporting back to Source as a means to expand the borders of love. If one is experiencing hellish things, it just makes the move more sweeter and more greatly appreciated when they return to balance.

No one is bad or evil. No. The one defining issue that collected the abominations that I saw in one place; was regret. Regret was the heavy vibration that attracted more of the same. If gratitude is associated with wonderful things, regret is its antonym. See, hell isn’t a place but a state of consciousness. It is being stuck in a ditch that seems too steep to get out of. Have you ever met someone stuck in regret? They are entrenched. Regret needs to be addressed with as much gratitude as possible to keep out of the negative trenches.

It is subtle. “Why doesn’t anyone like me?”. “Why wasn’t I born beautiful, popular, or with loving parents?” “Why do they love them and not me?” “Why doesn’t my family appreciate me” “Why did I have that one life changing incident?” “Why can’t I lose weight?” “Why can’t I just win the lottery?” Understanding this concept IS winning the lottery. You are now capable of moving away from regret and drying up hell by your shift in awareness.

By the way, no hell is private. You subject everyone else to your vibration and add to a disgusting subtle reality, when you immerse yourself in regret. When you immerse yourself in regret you add to hell. Hell, like heaven doesn’t exist in a remote place. It is a vibration that all access through you. You can be a doorway to heaven, hell, or both for all others. You choose. You choose, and in their relationship with you, they choose as well.

Have no regrets. Follow your inner promptings. Let love, kindness, awareness, integrity and adventure be your compass. They will keep you out of hell.


Strengthening Your Energetic Sea Legs

Psychic energies are sticky and manipulative. They seem to have an agenda of their own and can be intimidating and confuse someone into doing things that are not in their best interest. They are not to be played with or dealt with by novices. It is true that the best way for someone to deal with such energies, if they are not familiar with them, is to totally ignore their existence. We have adopted this stance as a species but it has left us ignorant of our own abilities.

I have seen too many times that people who cut themselves or develop a mental imbalance, are those who engage psychic energies; either consciously or inadvertently. Playing with a ouija board is a dangerous sport. It is inviting negative energies in. Another way that energies gain access is through alcohol or drug use. Or through having sympathies with those who have crossed over in trauma, or by their own hand.

We are simply energy beings ourselves. It is important for us to maintain our boundaries while also perceiving ourselves as an energy being. It is no longer practical to deny the subtle realms. What I offer, is an understanding of them and a means to work in energy as an empowered being, rather than a novice or victim.

The taps I share strip off layers of collected dead energy that is impersonating itself as the individual. At the core we are all pure love. How we show up in the world is an indication of what energies have collected on us and what they identify with. Even people who show up as extremely nice may be compensating in some way and may be being squelched by these energies.

If people really understood what I was offering here, they would do every single tap I post voraciously. I offer freedom from these dead energies without the need for the novice to be schooled in these forces. These forces can be dark, scary and intimidating sometimes. I deal with the brunt of that. I am an energetic bad ass.

The individual being ignorant as they free themselves is very effective. The way these energies do try to affect me is in people’s mistrust of me or even contempt. But I still provide unequivocal protection to all that do the exercises that I share and all who read my books and do private or group sessions with me.

The payoff is that the individual becomes empowered without ever having to realize what psychic sand traps they have bypassed. That is fine. It is more important that humanity strengthen their energetic sea legs and develop a spiritual strength that they never even fathomed they had or have forgotten long ago. This is what I came here to do. One of these lifetimes, it is going to sink in.

People will realize that the pain that they are in right now is self-inflicted from giving up their power along the way. There is no outside energy that is able to enslave them. The only tactic is deception and tricking people to enslave themselves. I offer everyone the easy pass to get back their empowerment without ever having to give away their power again. Especially not to me.

Raising Awareness

Open Letter to DCCC or How the Democratic National Party is Playing “Chicken” with Our Country


Dear DCCC,

You keep sending me e-mails asking for my support and a donation. You are using scare tactics of how devastating a world with Trump as president will be. You try to shame me into giving more support to you by telling me that President Obama and even Michele and Vice president Joe Biden are begging for my support. You try to make me feel like I am letting you down. You have all let me down.

I gave you my enthusiasm and support when I naively thought that you were the fair and just party. But the “scales have fallen from my eyes”. I was so dedicated to your party when I thought it was about helping all people and fighting for the needs of the masses. But your hellbent determination to prop up a figurehead who is unpopular and deemed untrustworthy is a huge disappointment. You are disappointed in me for a lack of support. I am disappointed in you for your indifference to what your grass roots is telling you.

I do not support Hillary Clinton. I do not care if she has the female anatomy to make history as the first female president. There are not enough barbs in that one feather; in her cap; to make her the choice of the people. I find her demeanor of self-entitlement offensive, I find her indifference to the concerns of the common person palpable, her message of low expectations discouraging, her foreign policy judgments in foreign policy questionable, her advocating of Fracking scary, and the fact that big business is backing her; terrifying.

So what you are doing by offering us Hillary Clinton as the only option other than Trump is playing “chicken” with our vote. You know the people are savvy. You know we choose Bernie. You know that he is the only candidate that is in the race for the right reason. Yet you ignore the obvious. It is blatant to those who have been loyal to The Democratic Party that you have sold out just as egregiously as the republicans have. That is why so many people are apathetic this election. The party of justice that we thought that you are, is
make-believe. THAT is why you are not raising the funds that you hoped for.

Trying to intimidate us by saying Obama is begging for our support does not work. Obama and Biden both had the chance to endorse Bernie. They know his heart, integrity, qualifications, and tenacity. But by them endorsing Hillary, they merely reinforced our disillusionment in the “system”. They basically told the American people that politics is a good ole boy club and Hillary is the man for the job.

So, in having Bernie dismissed so easily and seeing the strings pulled against him, you have demonstrated to the American people that democracy is dead. Let’s face it. Democracy is dead and buried. Now it is a matter of choosing between two different power machines vying for the brass ring. The American people are trying to choose which side will do less damage.

One side will erode individual equality and erode the progress that has been made in protecting personal freedom thus far. But your side has demonstrated such indifference to the passionate choice of the people that we are immersed in an apathetic stupor and left not caring which candidate wins. In fact, there is a primal part of us that actually believes that you deserve to lose badly to Trump; that that is the justice that you deserve for shoving Hillary down our throats

Your minimizing the passion of the Bernie supporters and painting them as a handful of hopefuls was a very wrong move. The passion of the Bernie voters was the only spark that you had. I don’t care that Hillary is a female. She does not smack of having an iota of the passion or compassion that Bernie has. Bernie is more equipped to advocate woman’s rights even without the proper genital to back it.

So enjoy your convention. The only part of it I am looking forward to listening to is the part where Bernie speaks. I don’t care to hear Hillary. In fact, her voice is abrasive and when I see her I am simply reminded that democracy is dead. That is what Hillary evokes for me; the death of democracy. By shoving Hillary down our throats you have dampened our spirits and deliver us into the hands of a dictator mentality. We understand what is happening here. You have overestimated our ability to be manipulated.

So let’s continue to play this game of “chicken” where democracy dies and the will of the people lose. Just understand that we hold you responsible and not ourselves. You can buy up all the media you want saying otherwise. You can pay all the people off you want to feign widespread support for Hillary. But just so you know, the American people are more savvy than you think, and you did indeed let us down.

Letters of Accord

The Difference Between Apathy and Detachment

So many people who follow a spiritual path have been practicing apathy and calling it detachment. This is just another way to maintain a level of denial yet do it while touting superiority. They will think that by being disinterested in the plight of others that they have achieved a great level of awareness. They have not. They are not only lying to others. They are also lying to themselves.

Detachment is actually the ability to look at any situation from a three hundred sixty degree point of view and see its pros and cons from each of those viewpoints. Detachment would be very helpful in assisting the evolution of the planet because it would eradicate the “them vs. us” mentality that is used to pit demographics against each other and keep the world in a constant flux of infighting.

Any controversial issue would dry up if everyone could see all sides of it. In doing that, we would not fuel the divide that happens as a result. But that is not what we do. We choose the side that we are comfortable with and pour our approval into it. Then we feed the opposite vantage point even more by pouring our disdain into it. This is not advantageous for either side.

Someone who is truly detached, sees all situations from all sides and withdraws their energy from all vantage points so as the situations can dry up of their own accord. By doing this, the person is being a spiritual apparatus for love to pour into all sides of the situation and work out all issues. No matter how controversial they are. As a side benefit of this, the individual is privy to greater awareness, greater truth, and greater love. They become a conduit of these things for the world.

What a person who merely says they are detached does is go into a state of denial in certain areas and proclaims it as a spiritual upgrade. There is a disinterest and an arrogance in doing this that creates a very dense apathy in the world. They think that it is spiritual to allow people to suffer with no compassion or understanding of their plight.

They simply say it is that person’s experience and remove themselves but without a remnant of love or compassion to add to the situation. They do not even take in the situation for self-growth. They believe they know everything there is to know about a situation. They have shut down to truth in the name of detachment.

A callous of cruelty leaves its etching in such an individual; rather than the earmark of great compassion that earmarks an awakened soul. I experience this very regularly with people who believe they are spiritual when they are really practicing denial. When they lecture me from their “superior” calloused state.

They will say things to me in a very knowing matter like, “Don’t worry about who you reach with your message. You will reach the ones that you are meant to reach.”

How will I do that if those who have the understanding of what I speak about are so disinterested in sharing my message or any message of truth because they have been confusing apathy for detachment? They do not look at things from my point of view of spending all of my existence to sharing truth yet being compartmentalized or having my purpose minimized by a trite response. How will I pierce the indifferent wall that they are also a part of?

In past eras, a person with an evolutionary means of bringing truth to the masses would simply be burned at the stake. Their truth would be folded into the lies to make the lies seem more believable. That would be the end of it. But a person with a great purpose and devotion for bringing peace and empowerment to the masses is treated more unkindly now.

They are ignored, minimized, rendered invisible, lectured by those who are trenched in the arrogance of the mental realms and made to compete with every sage, prophet, religion, inventor or celebrity who ever existed. They are subjugated into a deluge of media hype and rhetoric where the bullies of the world and the most affluent people are Gods? How can truth compete with an enthralling feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift on behalf of Kanye?

The fact that I spend all my lifeblood sharing universal long forgotten truths is lost on a fractured and crippled world. The fact that I make truth relevant and understandable for mainstream and is sanctioned by the Ancient Ones, is rendered less dynamic through the indifference that I am met. The fact that I am able to teach anyone how to empower and heal themselves is deemed irrelevant to a world that is enslaved and indoctrinated to a belief and mentality that individuals are powerless.

The fact that I challenge every concept that the masses have become too weary to challenge for themselves is missed. The fact that most of the time I am merely transcribing for the Ancient Ones is lost too. Who am I to think I matter? I know what I have survived in order to share what I do. I know how humanly impossible it would be to still thrive under the loveless conditions I have endured unless I was supported by some invisible force. Who are you to think I don’t matter? Who are you to think YOU don’t matter?

My books of truth are lost in a deluge of manuals on how to eek happiness and success out of this scripted existence. Yet I have been compiling techniques and ways to escape the sarcophagus of this reality for years. While others are busy on vacation, holidays, forging relationships and opinions, I am here writing.

I am here healing. I am here teaching. And although I am told in multiple ways and on many different levels, how much I don’t matter, here I am still showing up. I am still writing and figuring out how to make people understand what is possible through assessing their own empowerment. How are you challenging the illusion that you don’t matter in your life?

So many people are sitting back waiting to be saved by a superior race. We ARE the superior race. The mechanics of how to evolve is held in a blueprint that you are able to access within yourself. I show you how through my writings.

Challenge the apathy that you have deemed detachment. Awaken to your own empowerment. By doing so you are the way-shower of awakening. YOU. You matter that much. Really. I wouldn’t be wasting my energy being here if you did not. So please recognize your true worth. I see you. If you would recognize me a little more. That would be really appreciative. With your assistance, the wall of apathy can be dissipated. Truth and Love will prevail. Kindness is prevalent here then, as well.