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Spend two days, Friday and Saturday, May 12th and 13th, in an intimate educational opportunity with Jen Ward. Participants will learn to develop healing skills and enhance their spiritual gifts.

There will also be a book signing and an informal meet and greet Thursday night, May 11.

The reason I assist others and the reason I want to maintain this website is that many people are searching for truth and finding only judgment. Some are hesitant to inquire about alternative points of view from fear that they will get caught Jen and Simhaup in or be endorsing a different belief system than their present one. Many people are having experiences that they can’t understand.

I assist my clients without asking them to conform to alternative beliefs to get their answers. I help them discover the answers they need in the comfort zone of their current moral parameters.

I like to answer people’s questions and stretch their capacity to think outside of the box; which is outside the physical realm. So much of who we are and how we interact is subjective. I want to help people get a better understanding of that without them needing to abandoned their current belief system.

I draw upon my experience and abilities to tap into whatever is required to assist the reader and clients. I don’t ask them to suspend their ways of thinking. I give them the best answers that I can without looking for followers.  I don’t need to feel important. I know the tricks of the ego, and I know how to navigate around them and help others do the same.

So I invite you to ride along on my adventure. Engage as much or as little as you like. Maybe at some point, I will be able to assist you in putting the pieces of your spiritual adventure together. I invite you to ask questions or book private sessions with me. Maybe someone in your life needs help, and you will be the conduit for helping them. We are all on this journey together!

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Jen is an author, Reiki Master, Psychic, Medium, Empathic and she is considered a Sangoma, a traditional African Shaman who channels their ancestors, emoting sounds and vocalizations in their ceremonies.


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